A complex seven spread self assembly pop-up book.

A collaborative pop-up artbook by David A. Carter and (your name here)

A pop-up artbook is defined as a group of pop-up sculptures bound together to create a single work of art. Pop-up, or paper engineering, is a form of sculpture.

I invite you to join me in an artistic self-assembly collaboration. I call this work of art alpha. It is the first of what I hope will be more similar self-assembly projects. In this case, this book is a collection of pop-up sculptures, or dimensional collage, that I designed and, once you download the templates, you will build. It is our collaboration and you will choose how you want to collaborate. You can make the sculptures exactly as I have designed them, using the colors and material that I use, or, you can add your own influence by using your own colors and materials.

I am very excited to see the work that you create.

Assembly videos for each spread are available on YouTube at: