Other Books

Other Books

A selection of David’s single title pop-up books to explore.


The Elements Of Pop-UpA Pop Up Book for Aspring Paper Engineers

The definitive book on how to make a pop-up. Every aspect of the creation of a pop-up, known as paper engineering, is clearly and thoroughly covered. All types of parallel folds, angle folds, wheels, and pull tabs are accurately detailed verbally and visually, flat and in dimension. Also included is a history of pop-ups and a step-by-step photographic essay on how a pop-up is made from start to finish. This guided tour is perfect for aspiring pop-up creators, paper engineers, students, and appreciators of this unique art form.



The Complexities Of Pop-UpA Pop Up Book for Aspring Paper Engineers

Over two decades after releasing The Elements of Pop Up, master paper engineers David A. Carter and James Diaz have returned with The Complexities of Pop Up.

This interactive educational book teaches you how to take the basic pop up structures from Elements and add complexity to them through advanced techniques. The Complexities of Pop Up also explores how paper can be engineered to use the rigidity, flexibility and elasticity of paper to achieve spectacular results.

The Complexities of Pop Up is available in two editions: the standard book as well as a special limited edition signed by both David A. Carter and James Diaz. The special edition comes in a gold foil stamped book and slipcase and is limited to only 100 copies.


Action! (Move)

Let yourself be tempted by a unique experience: the paper sculptures of this pop-up are impressive and graceful but, in addition, they come alive! Thanks to ingenious mechanisms, the forms turn, dance, undulate… The book comes to life through the intervention of the reader! The master David A. Carter renews himself in a new pop-up with an original concept.

Published in 2022 by Gallimard Jeunesse

One Red Dot

One Red DotA Series of Pop Up Books for Children of All Ages

Taking the art of the pop-up book to a new level, the One Red Dot series is a stunning tour de force by the renowned book artist David A. Carter. Using sound, color, shape and movement, the books in the One Red Dot series offer a unique reading experience to be enjoyed time and again.

One Red Dot

One red dot is hidden on each spread. 

Blue 2

A Blue 2 is hidden on each spread.

600 Black Spots

A pop up black spot scavenger hunt.

Yellow Square

A yellow square is hidden somewhere on each spread.

White Noise

Bold, colorful paper structures create their own unique sounds.



The Bug books draw the reader in through interactivity, stimulating creativity and fine motor skills.

The first Bug pop-up book was How Many Bugs in a Box?, published by Simon & Schuster in 1988. How Many Bugs in a Box?, has been published in over 10 languages and has sold over 1 million copies worldwide. The “BUGS” series includes 41 titles and has sold over 6 million copies in the U.S. alone. Of the 41 titles, 23 are pop-up books and the others are some form of novelty book or Ready-to-Read. The books come in a variety of shapes and sizes including the original pop-up format at 227mm x 177mm and the mini pop-up version at 177mm x 143mm.



The flora and fauna of the four seasons are explored in this sturdy series of simple pop-up books. Long-tailed weasels, wild gooseberries, cherry blossoms, and tree frogs, are a few of the many labeled images you will discover.

“A simple, serene seasonal posy.” -Kirkus Reviews

Large Pop Ups

Large Pop Ups

These large pop-ups have been designed and built for various international exhibitions for the Art of Pop-Up. In the museum setting, these oversized movable 3D sculptures invite the public to get an enhanced view of the art work.

MoMA Cards

MoMA Greeting Cards

Since the 1940s, MoMA has invited artists to create delightful, original and unexpected designs for their Holiday Card Program. Over the years, many well-known artists have contributed to the program including Alexander Calder, Robert Indiana, Andy Warhol, Corita Kent, Joseph Cornell, KAWS, Yoshitomo Nara, and Cindy Sherman. These cards are limited editions.

MoMA first invited David to design pop-up cards for the program in 2014. So far David has designed 13 cards for MoMA and is currently working on new designs.

Christmas Tree Mobile 2021
Holiday Lights 2019
Peace and Joy 2019
Birthday Dots 2018
(Eye) Love You 2018
Playful Blossoms 2017
Scandinavian Tree 2017
O Tannenbaum 2016
Let It Snow 2016
O Christmas Tree! 2015
Happy New Year! 2015